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10 Secrets for Choosing a Great Plumber

      1. Straight Forward Pricing™ You know the price before the job is started. (No Surprises!)
      Others may charge you more for an incompetent tech. that takes longer to do the same job. (What if he has to go get a part?)
      2. One hundred percent Satisfaction Guarantee! If You are Not Happy, We will Re-do the Work for Free!
      Others come back once to try and correct it or find something they ”missed” the first time.  (Translation: “more money!”)
      3. One hundred percent Money Back Guarantee, In Writing! If You’re Still Not Happy, We will Refund Your Money!
        Others may not return phone calls or say, “must be something you’re doing, call someone else.”  You have to try to figure out who to pay... again.
      4. Background Checks & Drug Test for your peace of mind! So You can Trust Who is in Your Home!
      Others, the world has changed!  Can you trust just any one in your home?
      5. Fresh White Uniforms and Use Carpet Savers! Because Clean People Do Better Work!
      Others have dirty jeans, a smelly uniform, and track other customers “dirt” into your home!
      6. Ninety-Seven Minute Express Service!
      Others, broken pipes? flooded basement? Will they get there quick enough?
      7. Two Year Guarantee on Repairs!*  5 Years on Equipment!**  6-to-10 Years on Hot Water Tanks!
      Others, concrete warranty, 90 days, or possibly one year, don’t they trust their repairs to last?
      8. Respect For Your Time! You Deserve a Two Hour Appointment Window!
      We’ll Even Call You on Your Cell Phone or Pager So You Can Meet Us!
      Others expect you to sit around all day . . . just for a plumber to show up?
      9. Fully Licensed & Insured.
      Others may perform illegal repairs, or incorrect installs, sacrificing your safety! Some even depend on your insurance to cover them in case of mishap!
      10.  We Continuously Prepare our Technicians in Daily Training Meetings, and through Constant Education such as Daily Tech. Meetings and Advanced Courses at the New Millennium Academy!
      Others use your home and money to train their plumbers.

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